Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tree Climbing

Here I am, walking around our yard. See that yellow thing on the end of the hose? If you ever see one and a person picks it up ........ RUN! Gramma thinks it is fun to squirt me with water. I don't see the humor in it, but she laughs every time she does it!

"Martha, NO!" I hear this a lot. That twig I am playing with, well, Gramma says it is a tree, a baby tree. She was not happy that I removed all the leaves on it. I was having a great time with this twig that was stuck in the ground. When I pulled it over, it would snap back. Gramma didn't like my game. She said that I was about the business of killing trees. Not really, I was just having fun.

Gramma does not allow me to use my claws inside. She says that they are only for outside use. If I stick them out, she puts me in my kennel and calls it solitary confinement. I am supposed to think about what I have done and not do it again. Although I am not fond of this punishment, I must admit that I do think about using my claws before I extend them. And ....... I NEVER use them on Gramma!

When I am outside, it is necessary to use them. For instance, should you want to climb a tree, claws are very handy.

I use them to grab the tree and work my way up into the tree. Look how high I can go!

Wait a minute ........ I can go up and up and up, but, how do you get down out of the tree? I guess I didn't think this through. Gramma says I have giant paws and have not grown into them yet. Maybe that has something to do with it. I am not sure. All I know is that I am up and don't have any idea how to get down.

 Papa rescued me. Gramma says that Papa rescues travelers all the time. So, am I a traveler? I thought I was a cat. A boy cat named Martha.