Monday, March 7, 2016

I never located that circular saw. But, I griped so much that HeWho unearthed the hidden saw and did the cut for me.

I was all prepared with pictures and I cannot seem to download them. So, I will just have to use my words to tell you about my new project. You will recall that I recently decided to take my sewing room apart.

It all started with those cabinets left over from the kitchen re-do. Four upper cabinets, just waiting to be used. I pondered a bit and decided they should go in the sewing room. On the wall that has a high shelf that spans from wall to wall. That would have to go, along with some other things. One of the things in the way of progress was a big chest of drawers.

When I was very young I thought people were saying "chester drawers". I thought that for the longest time and wondered why it was a chester drawer. At least chest of drawers makes sense. I am rambling. This particular chest of five drawers was given to me by my mother-in-law. When we got it, it was green. We called it the incredible hulk. You know, because it was big and green.

HeWho says it was around as long as he could remember and I am thinking it was around long before HeWho entered the world. HeWho is almost 63. This is a sturdy piece of furniture, but the size made it hard to find a place to put it.

Well, would you look at that, the picture finally downloaded! Here it is without the drawers. I decided to downsize it to fit next to the chair of HeWho empties the contents of his pockets willy nilly. This will provide a nice large surface for him to clutter.

I carefully taped it in preparation for the saw. I cut the top two drawers off. I had planned to carefully remove the top and use it on the new side table. Then I got to thinking ...... what was to become of the two drawers left? Just wouldn't be right to simply discard them.

They don't make them like they used to! Since I had this piece of furniture ready to cut for several days as the war over the use of the saw raged on, I had plenty of time to ponder this situation. It came to me in the wee hours of my non-slumber.

I re-thought my design and decided to eliminate the top drawer of the three drawer chest, leaving an open shelf for the lap top and other electronics. I decided to make a hole in the back to bring the power surge strip onto the shelf. The other two drawers can be used for out of season clothes, or whatever. Extra storage is always good.

This left the top of the dresser and an extra drawer. I am loathe to toss anything that could be useful, so I decided to keep the top intact and add some legs and use it at the end of my bed. I already have a bench there, but this would add storage to that area. I can use those drawers for linen!

But there is still that extra drawer from the other unit going next to his recliner. Another night to ponder and I found the solution! I will use that other drawer to put atop the new linen chest at the end of my bed ...... and make a dog bed!!!!!

Feeling ever so clever, I spent most of Sunday afternoon scraping and sanding the linen chest. I painted it with three layers of red and cream and tan paints. Today I worked on the drawers and the dog bed. The chest now sits happily at the foot of my bed. The dog bed is still drying and will be fitted with padding and blankets tomorrow before I attach it to the top of the chest.

I have visions of a dog or two deciding to sleep in this new dog bed at the foot of my bed. I will post a picture of my new project tomorrow ...