Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear Jailynn

Dear Jailynn,

I am Martha, the boy cat. I live here with Gramma and Papa in Missouri. I have yet to make your acquaintance ....... but I am less than a year old, so there are lots of folks that I haven't met.

I have always lived here with Gramma, but to me she is my mommy. She is the only mommy I know. I got lost from my cat mommy when I was very small and Gramma took care of me. Now I kind of rule the kampground. Oscar sneered at me, but he knows it to be true. I am able to roam the grounds freely and he is not. That pretty much means that I am the top dog here ........ so to speak, as I am not really a dog. Although I do like dog food ........

Today, while I was helping Gramma in the store, I saw a big box and I jumped to the table it sat upon and tried to open it. You see, I like to sit in boxes. So I was about the business of ripping the tape with my claws when she caught me. I am not allowed to display my magnificent claws while indoors and I thought Gramma had gone into the house. She began scolding me about the whole claw thing and inquired about my desire to perhaps have mine removed. Of course I don't!!

Then she told me that the box that had caught my attention was about to be shipped to you. She said your name and I was confused, since I have not met you. But, not to worry, Gramma likes to talk. Doesn't matter if you listen, she will just chatter on and on. I feel as if I know you and your mom and your dad now. She told me that your dad once lived with her when he was a baby and then a little boy. She took care of him, like she took care of me.

She even told me what was in the mystery box. There are presents for you, Jailynn, for Christmas! I am not sure what presents are, but I want some, too! Gramma reminded me of all the time we spent sewing in her special sewing room. No dogs allowed in there, but I like to lay on the rug near Gramma while she makes things. So, I know what is in this box that will be headed to your house.

 I remember all the things that Gramma made for you, because she showed them all to me while she worked. You must be a very special girl. Gramma says that lots and lots of love goes into all the things she makes for her grandgirls. I think that maybe Gramma has lots of fun thinking about each of you as she sews. I know I enjoy spending my time watching her as I nap on and off. It is what cats do, you know.

So, Gramma says that I should wish you a Merry Christmas and end my letter so that we can go in the house and stoke the fire. I hope to meet you in person very soon!

Your uncle cat, Mr. Martha