Monday, August 13, 2012

Rock Climbing and Fat Cats

It has been awhile since I have blogged (that is what Gramma calls it and she knows about these things), but here I am.

Gramma says I have grown. I suppose she is right, because I can easily climb those big rocks in front of our store. I can get down by myself, too!

I can also jump from one rock to the other. Gramma says that I am very agile. Agile? Don't know about that, but I can jump really far.

Sometimes I sit very still on a rock and watch Gramma pull weeds. Papa says this is her most favorite pass time. Well, my most favorite pass time is jumping on Gramma hands when she least expects it. Sometimes she will scold me and put me back inside ....... but she always brings me back outside after a few minutes. She says it is my time to think about what I am doing to annoy her.

I think about it ........ I think about better ways to do it!

Papa brought a rug home for me. Oh, wait, Gramma said it was not for me. Whatever, I like my new rug. It is quite comfy. I have taken a few naps on it.

It is a fine place to have a bath, too. Gramma tells me that I am due for a real bath. I have tried to tell her that this is how cats take a bath, but she says my tongue does not do a good enough job.

A man came in our store today and took pictures of me! Gramma let him, she said he was not a 'pet'ophile or anything. Both of them laughed and laughed, but I don't get it. She told the man that I thought I was a dog! I do not. I know quite well that I am a cat, I just act like a dog when I am with the dogs. I thought it would be the right thing to do, since Toni Louise is not all that smart.

I need to go check my food dish. Gramma only fills it three times a day. I could eat more, really I could. Then I could be a fat cat!

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