Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who Is Winnie The Pooh?

I spent the entire night outside last night! It was exhilarating. Gramma has this pile of wood scraps that she refuses to part with. Papa offered to burn it for her, but she would have none of that!

Personally, I like having things to climb around on. Gramma makes things out of the wood pieces and she seems to like to move it around and stack and re-stack it. I like to climb on it and knock pieces down.

It was while I was playing atop Gramma's pile of wood that I spied Tigger, the unfriendly cat walking in MY yard!

There he is slinking around, looking for me!

I am hiding! He will not find me behind the compost bin. I will jump out when he least expects it and scare him. In honor of Halloween. Gramma explained this holiday to all us animals. We don't have trick or treaters out here in the kampground when the holiday is in the middle of the week.

Oscar says this is a good thing. He told me that Gramma has costumes for all us animals. He says that she custom made one for him. It is a bun and ketchup and mustard ...... he is the hot dog. Wall-E says this is a fine example of irony, since Oscar is a dachshund and is commonly referred to as a wiener dog. I don't get it.

All I know is that we will not be wearing these things called costumes. I am sure I could get out of one anyway. I think. I remember when I was a very small kitten and Gramma fed me with that bottle and she wrapped me up in a piece of cloth. She called it swaddling and said she did it so I couldn't scratch her while I ate. I didn't like it too much and no matter how hard I wiggled I couldn't get out. Gramma is very clever. Wall-E told me so. He knows these things, after all, he did write a book.

Wonder what kind of costume Gramma would put on Tigger? Gramma says he should be Winnie The Pooh. She laughed and laughed. Who is Winnie The Pooh?

I will be a cat. Not a wicked cat, or a scaredy cat. I will just be the boy cat called Martha. That's me!

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