Thursday, June 28, 2012

Safe Places

So now that you know how I got my name, here are some pictures of my early days here in the campground. Gramma is holding me and feeding me. She says that I am lazy, because I made her squeeze the bottle to make the milk come out faster.

Gramma is purring in my ear. Although she complains about taking care of me, I am pretty sure that she loves me.

I am sleeping in a flower pot with a towel that Gramma said was one of her dog towels. I did not know what a dog was. I heard some barking coming from behind the door in Gramma's office.

I must have looked curious because Gramma took me in to meet some dogs. There are three of them and I will confess that it was a little overwhelming. There is a black and tan dog named Oscar. He is kind of gruff and rough. He asked Gramma if maybe he should take care of the problem and snap it's neck .......

I looked around to see what he was referring to and discovered that he was talking about me! Not very welcoming. Gramma scolded him and warned him not to hurt me and he didn't.

Wall-E is the white dog with the most annoying bark. Gramma says it is high-pitched and yippy. He doesn't like me at all. He turns his back to me and is not at all enchanted by my cuteness. Gramma says he is jealous of all the attention I get.

The other dog is Toni Louise and she scares me. Gramma says she is just a puppy and a very excited one. She wanted to use me as a chew toy!!

Gramma took Wall-E's kennel into her office and set it up under her desk. She told me that it was my safe spot. She put some soft towels in it and everytime I went to sleep she put me in it and shut the door. She was right, I did feel safe. It is nice and dark, like the place my mom cat kept me in. I wonder if I will ever see my mom cat again?

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