Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

Dear Maya,
So much has happened since we last communicated. Well, I communicated with you.

The giant puppy continues to leave a path of destruction in his wake. He still terrorizes the other dogs. But, now Gramma has taken a sudden liking to the gangly puppy. She let's him come inside! She let's him sit beside her on the couch!

Cujo is quite miffed at this turn of events. He is not a fan of the puppy to begin with, but sharing the affections of his human was definitely not on his list of things to do. So far, Gramma has managed to teach the puppy to sit and shake hands. Sort of, at least. He will sit, but when it comes to the handshake, he falls to one side before offering his paw. He looks really dumb when this happens. But, Gramma says it is endearing.

I am starting to wonder about Gramma's mental health. She has a birthday coming up and I hear she is quite old. Well, you know how old people are, they start to forget things and such. Although ..... she never seems to forget to put me outside every night and to fill my food dish. While it is true that I am an avid hunter, I still prefer my kibble.

Gramma has been known to complain about the cost of my food, saying I should eat what I kill. I have never heard her complain about the cost of dog food! She buys some tasty kibble for me, it is true, and I do enjoy eating while she scratches my head affectionately. But, she buys three kinds of this dog food! And dog treats! Where is my treat, I ask you? Never you mind that I confess to stealing from the dogs bowl. And I have indulged myself with a stolen dog treat or two.

So, have your sisters resigned themselves to a puppy free household? Gramma had very few pets when she was growing up. She told me that her mother would not allow cats! She had a cat from time to time that was given to her, but they were banned to the out of doors, never to know the comforts of indoors. A soft bed to cuddle with your human is quite soothing after a long night of hunting.

Gramma seems to have made up for her lack of pets since she is all grown up and has her own household, if the number of pets now residing here is any indication.

I hope your are enjoying your felines and that all of you will come soon for a visit. I remember you girls from previous visits when I was just a small kitten. Gramma says you girls have grown quite a bit since I last saw you.

Sincerely, Martha, The Boy Cat

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